Welcome to A.F. Nyhuus A/S - one of Denmark's leading wholesalers of potatoes and onions.

A.F. Nyhuus was established in 1958 by Arne Fabricius Nyhuus. Since taking over the company in 2000 the present owner and Director Lars F. Nyhuus has expanded the company's customer base substantially and it now lists amongst it's clients some of the largest food retailers in Denmark.

The succes of the company has and will continue to be based on dedication to quality, commitment to servicing customer needs and the expertise of our staff.

All enquiries to the company are most welcome and should be addressed to Lars Nyhuus.

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The green gate to Copenhagen

In the midst of this paradise lies the potato firm A.F. Nyhuus A/S, from where there are being packed, sold and distributed potatoes and onions from all over Denmark and Europe.

Seed potatoes

One of the year edible highlights are the first new potatoes. The mood at the dinner table are something special about this meal, but the greatest joy experienced by those within the same hour even dug up the potatoes in their own garden.

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